Evolving Port

Port Melbourne and Fishermans Bend change. Houses are changed or demolished and new forms of housing take their place. Port Houses records some of these changes.

08 June 2023

Hartley St, Lorimer precinct

June 2023

Planning approval has recently been given for a 50 storey development with 400 apartments over a five level podium containing car parking, retail, recreation and commercial spaces. 

"The design aims to create a human-scaled podium using warm materials, integrated vertical landscaping, and a rhythmic expression that echoes the charm of the nearby wharf and piers." (MGS architects)

02 June 2023

47 Swallow St, Port Melbourne

June 2023

47 Swallow St, early morning 2 June 2023

January 2021

The house takes shape.

The architects are Thomas + Williams Architects @architects_tw

September 2020

The house at 47 Swallow St was demolished. It was built in 1997.

47 Swallow St, the site is cleared

47 Swallow St, demolition underway 

47 Swallow St, Port Melbourne 
Planning history

The City of Port Phillip issued final planning approval for the development of a three storey house in April 2020. (Ref 750/2018) 

Sales history

April 2018: $3,425,000

February 1995: $235,000

February 1987: $157,000

(source: realestate.com.au)

Land area: 494 m2

01 June 2023

Robur Tea House, 28 Clarendon St, Southbank

30 May 2023

Heritage Victoria has refused the proposed redevelopment of the Robur Tea House for the following reasons:
  • The construction of seven interconnected towers and buildings ranging in height from 27 to 3 levels would have significant visual impacts on the place. The combined height, number and density of the tower components and their proximity to the Robur Tea Building would cause substantial harm to the cultural heritage significance of the place. 
  • The Robur Tea Building would be consumed by the proposed development and the ability to understand and appreciate the place as a freestanding landmark building would be lost. 
  • The proposed demolition works to the north, south and west elevations to allow for access between the Robur Tea Building and the proposed development would have adverse physical impacts on the cultural heritage significance of the place.
  • The proposal is based on highest and best use of the place and not the cultural heritage significance of the place. It is considered to be an overdevelopment of the heritage place. 
  • It has not been demonstrated that economic sustainability via a smaller development with less impact on the cultural heritage significance of the place is not achievable or that refusal would affect the reasonable and economic use of the registered place as commercial office space or any other reasonable use. 
  • The negative impacts of the proposal outweigh the benefits. The benefits could be achieved with a less intensive level of development.

August 2022

The City of Melbourne considered the planning application for this site at the meeting of 16 August 2022. (ref TP-2021-345)

The heritage aspects of the proposal will be considered by Heritage Victoria as the Tea House is on the Victorian Heritage Register. 

Concurrent with the endorsement of the plans, a Flood Risk Management Plan to the satisfaction of the Responsible Authority and Melbourne Water must be submitted to and approved by the Responsible Authority and Melbourne Water. When approved, the Flood Risk Management Plan will be endorsed and will form part of this permit. audited on anniversary 

Architects: SnØhetta Architects

May 2020

The Tea House, 28 Clarendon St

CostaFox acquired the building for $28 million from R J International (Aus) Pty Ltd.

Heritage Victoria had refused a permit for its proposal to build a 24 storey hotel at the site adjoining the Tea House. (source: Southbank News, May 2020)

181 Liardet St, Port Melbourne

 May 2023

181 and 181a Liardet St was sold by Biggin & Scott on 13 May for $1,080,000.

181 Liardet St, Port Melbourne May 2023

28 May 2023

253- 257 Normanby Rd, Fishermans Bend

R. Iconic, formerly known as the Oxford University Press site

May 2023

The ground floor is for sale with a 10 year lease to Coles. Coles is expected to begin trading in November. 

263 Normanby Rd, getting ready for Coles  May 2023

December 2022

R Iconic viewed from cnr Pickles & Ingles St

April 2022

R Iconic from Ingles x Station Sts, April 2022

R.Iconic is a 32 level development comprising ground-floor retail, supermarket and a 5 level podium.

Construction is well underway, utilising HBS (Hickory Building System), a prefabricated and integrated construction solution with no live edge activities making it the safest system for multi-storey construction.

January 2021

Noting the status of this development at the start of 2021. The Oakwood development at 202 - 204 Normanby Rd (left) and the Normanby at 199 - 201 Normanby Rd (right) are clearly visible. The former Dunlop factory is in the foreground.

The development will contain 456 apartments over 37 and 40 storeys.

Builders: Hickory
Landscape: Paul Bungay

R Iconic viewed from Boundary St

September 2020

Work is underway on site.

R Iconic viewed from Boundary St

May 2020

R Iconic is 'coming soon'. Refer to R Corporation's website to see what the development will look like. 

May 2020 

March 2020

Work has resumed on site.

Exemplary tree protection on both Normanby Rd and Boundary St.

August 2019

The site is being cleared by Delta.

August 2019

December 2017

Development permit No. PA170223 was approved by the Minister for Planning - dated 5 December 2017.

VCAT Ref P1604/2017.

September 2017

The Oxford University Press site 

R Corporation's proposal for this site includes constructing two towers of 33 and 42 storeys including a five level podium containing ground floor level retail and townhouse dwellings, and apartments and a 147 room residential hotel above.

The Minister for Planning is the decision maker for this site, but the Council's advice is sought.

The Council resolved to advise the Minister that they did not support the application because, amongst other things

  • Tower 1 would overshadow Tower 2
  • The communal open space would be overshadowed
  • The buildings would overshadow nearby Fennell Reserve between 11.00am and 2pm on September 22 
  • Visual bulk
  • Poor thermal performance 
The proposal is headed to VCAT since a decision was not made within the required time frame. There will be a Directions Hearing on 05 or 22 October (tbc) and a hearing commencing 28 November 2017 for four days. 

To get a sense of the Council's concerns, view the renderings

The full Council report 19 September 2017

8 June 2016

R Corporation bought the Oxford University Press site for $36.35 m.

The site

135 Bridge St, Port Melbourne

27 May 2023

The property was auctioned today by Frank Gordon. The sold price was $1,200,000.

135 Bridge St on auction day, 28 May 2023
April 2023

Announcing the forthcoming auction of the property by Frank Gordon. 

14 May 2023

77 Spring St East, Port Melbourne

 May 2023

The windows are shuttered. The property is for sale by Belle. The range is between $2,300,000 - $2,500,000 suggesting the site's development potential. 

77 Spring St East, May 2023