Evolving Port

Port Melbourne and Fishermans Bend change. Houses are changed or demolished and new forms of housing take their place. Port Houses records some of these changes.

12 May 2013

95 - 101 Dow St, Port Melbourne


5 December 2013

95 Dow St was formerly at the rear of TEAC's administrative headquarters and repair centre. It was in the video days and it was handy to have a video repair place nearby. 95 Dow St was occupied partly by a carpark servicing the TEAC offices and partly by a a low level office building that was home to Armaguard. It was in the days when people were paid weekly or fortnightly in cash, and so there was regular coming and going to the site.

TEAC headquarters on Bay St
c1987 image courtesy Port Melbourne Historical & Preservation Society

Planning history

Following the construction of Bianca, the rear of the site fronting to Dow St was sold and a fresh application was submitted to Port Phillip Council that was broadly consistent with a previous approval. The site has had several permits issued over a period of time. The proposal for Waterside was appealed to VCAT by resident objectors and subsequently approved by VCAT on 28 February 2010. [ref P3225/2010]

This artwork on Dow St was the urban art contribution for the development.

Waterside contains 120 apartments and 3 levels of carparking.

Architect: Plus Architecture
Builder: Icon Corp
Partners: Beck Projects
Developer: Buxton Group and Beck Projects JV

Some site history

'The vacant land fronting on Bay St between Scotts Hotel and the boot shop on the corner of Little Bay St, known as 'the flat' was for many years prior to World War 2 a gathering place. It extended to the rear of the terrace houses in Dow St. All the houses in Little Bay St north side backed on to the flat. The other side was taken up almost wholly by land at the rear of the National Bank.'
[recalled by Edwin Whiting, formerly a resident of Dow St.]

11 May 2013

216 Rouse St, Port Melbourne

5 November 2013

Two apartment buildings in the vicinity of  Rouse St, Port Melbourne - Tjingari at 216 Rouse St and Armada at 115 Nott St, were finalists in the City of Port Phillip's Design and Development awards in the category of  'Best new development of 6+ storeys.'

The awards were held in St Kilda on Wednesday evening. Peter Maddison,  the guest speaker, spoke on the theme of innovation.

"How do we imagine the future when all that we know is the past?" was the teasing question he posed.

Tjingari won the Urban Art category for the work 'My mother's country.'

Architects: De Jong

04 May 2013

259 The Boulevard, Port Melbourne

4 May 2013

259 The Boulevard, 17 December 2012

16 June 2011

259 The Boulevard, 16 June 2011

03 May 2013


There always seems to be one flower that captures the essence of a season. Today as dry winds whip around and the dark closes in early, I thought I would celebrate the dahlia - the essence of the last of summer.
Dahlias are getting harder to find in Port. Flowers suffer badly from garden fashion - in today, out tomorrow. The only remaining Dahlias seem to be found in the gardens of Greek residents. For many years, Greek gardens were derided. Now growing your own vegetables is de rigeur, and colour is back in fashion, but not, it seems dahlias. The dominant species in Port seems to either be iceberg roses or plants which survive on any windswept balcony and neglect. There is a loss of living diversity in the suburb.