Evolving Port

Port Melbourne and Fishermans Bend change. Houses are changed or demolished and new forms of housing take their place. Port Houses records some of these changes.

28 October 2014

155 - 159 Ross St, Port Melbourne

 October 2014

155 Ross St, October 2014 

Architect: David Watson

City of Port Phillip Planning Application:  484/2014

The property was sold in April 1976 for $27k.

20 May 2014

1 Princes St, Port Melbourne

20 May 2014

The application was refused.

The Beacon Cove guidelines were tested and held up to the challenge. 

25 October 2013

1 Princes St, Port Melbourne in October 2013

The application to demolish this house to build a new one on a high profile corner of Beacon Cove has taken people by surprise. It was only the other day that it was built, or so it seems. This particular house with its generous front setback served as a display home for the new Beacon Cove development as shown in the brochure below. Note the depth of the setback compared to houses built later in Beacon Cove towards Beacon Road.

sales brochure for Mirvac's Beacon Cove

The application comes not long after detailed guidelines for future change at Beacon Cove were incorporated into the Port Phillip Planning Scheme through Amendment C73. The guidelines translate as fully as possible the existing character of the estate into planning controls. The guidelines were developed in response to strong feedback from Beacon Cove residents that they like the estate pretty much the way it is. Each sub precinct of the estate is covered by neighbourhood character overlays.

Reference: City of Port Phillip Planning application 465/2013 lodged on 3 June 2013