Evolving Port

Port Melbourne and Fishermans Bend change. Houses are changed or demolished and new forms of housing take their place. Port Houses records some of these changes.

25 November 2019

23 Evans St, Port Melbourne

November 2019

23 Evans St, Port Melbourne

"NO HERITAGE OVERLAY" introduced the property which was sold by Marshall White on 15 November, although the listing also included the possibility that it might be renovated.

22 November 2019

286 Rouse St, Port Melbourne

17 August 2021

Today was the anniversary of the site of the All England Eleven Hotel as the first property connected to the Melbourne sewerage system on 17 August 1897.

February 2020

The apartment development has been vacant for almost a year, because of unresolved issues relating to the cladding used on the building.

The Victorian Building Authority is refusing to allow occupancy permits to be issued.

The authority warns that, if it did issue occupancy permits, new owners could end up carrying the repair bill. (source: The Age 5 February 2020, 11.27 pm)

November 2019

The development is complete. The plaque commemorating that this site was the first to be connected to the new Melbourne sewerage system in 1897 has been seamlessly re-instated into the footpath.

to the corner - Princes and Rouse Sts, Port Melbourne

plaque in the Princes St footpath 

11 September 2018

The scaffolding is removed to reveal ...

January 2018

Status report

286 Rouse St, 14 January 2018
May 2017

On 27 April, a new builder was appointed to complete the development after a long hiatus. Excavation by the previous builders apparently damaged neighbouring houses and building work halted. 

12 January 2016

It doesn't take long. Graffiti despoils Sable Bleu. The information booth has disappeared - perhaps it was not approved?

Marketing for 286 Rouse St, January 2016

27 November 2015

By the end of the week, the display suite for Sable Bleu is in place. There are 14 apartments in this 4 level development, advertised as residences.

Architects: Selwyn Blackstone

Advertising for the development at 286 Rouse St, Port Melbourne

24 November 2015

Trees gone. Site almost clear.

Demolition underway at 286 Rouse St, Port Melbourne

14 November 2015

The houses on the corner of Rouse and Princes St are being demolished.

The demolition of 286 Rouse St, Port Melbourne 

May 2015

The Council supported the application with conditions on 19 May 2015 PO953/2013.

286 Rouse St in the autumn - May 2015

The All England Eleven Hotel was formerly on this site. Refer to the Port Melbourne Historical and Preservation Society website for more information. 

It was also the first site to be sewered in all of Melbourne.

During the sale period, people expressed their views about the development potential of the site.


286 Rouse St - the planning application is advertised

09 November 2019

101 Salmon St, Port Melbourne

23 October 2019

The application for 101 Salmon St returned to the Council for their views on an amendment to the approved scheme.


On 21 May 2015, the Minister for Planning approved a permit for a twelve level (including a four-level podium) mixed use building, including ground level retail, first floor level offices, car parking and 157 dwellings.

At the time of approval, the land was in a ‘Discretionary preferred height area’ (i.e. no height limit) per the Fishermans Bend Strategic Framework Plan July 2014.

The land is vacant. The  development has not started.  The permit has been extended twice.

The Council had reservations about the amended application since it

  • included no affordable housing
  • was 7.6 m higher than the previously approved proposal, even though still a twelve storey building.
  • four storeys and 15.1 m higher than the 30m (8 storey) preferred maximum height in the Fishermans Bend Framework Plan.

The Council resolved to advise the Minister that it did not support the amended proposal.

Refer to the Council meeting papers for 23 October 2019 from which this information is taken.

Look at the renders.


This 12 level (37m) development by CHT Architects was approved by the Minister for Planning on 21 May 2015.

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