Evolving Port

Port Melbourne and Fishermans Bend change. Houses are changed or demolished and new forms of housing take their place. Port Houses records some of these changes.

16 December 2022

245 - 251 Normanby Rd, South Melbourne

December 2022


A Build To Rent development of 40 storeys by CHT Architects to be known as Avion. This is the site to the north of R Iconic which is currently being prepared for development

Blue Earth Group and Hamilton Marino will deliver the project for the developer, Local, which will comprise 324 apartments, including 21 affordable housing units, over 40 levels when complete. (source: Architecture & Design)

The fully electric, carbon-neutral building will offer one, two and three bedroom apartments and will provide more than 1400sq m of communal space.

Matt Berg and Dan McLennan are co-CEOs of Local.

The platform is focused on providing a better and fairer alternative to the current rental market by providing diversified housing at an attainable price in an inclusive community for residents.

Blue Earth bought the site in 2015. 

Builder: Hamilton Marino

Architect: CHT Architects 

2022 in review

 Median price for a house was 1,645,000 down -5.1% over 12 months

Median price for a unit was 

(source: realestate.com)

R Iconic



Clare Cousins

Plico design Morris St 

Final approval 1 - 7 Waterfront Place

Final approval 103 Beach St 


Tea House

04 December 2022

10 Cumberland Rd, Port Melbourne

 December 2022

The home of former Mayor and Councillor of the City of Port Melbourne, Perce White, is for sale by Whitefox. The house had been renovated according to designs by architect Brad Hooper who used to live in Port Melbourne.

Perce White died on 1 June. 

10 Cumberland Ave, December 2022

10 Cumberland Ave for sale by Whitefox, December 2022 

19 November 2022

166 Evans St, Port Melbourne

 November 2022

166 Evans St was sold by Cayzer on 22nd October for $910,000.

166 Evans St, November 2022

17 October 2022

1 - 7 Waterfront Place, Port Melbourne

 A brief chronology of 1 - 7 Waterfront Place

1 - 7 Waterfront Place in November 2010


Bayside Project Act passed. The Minister for Planning becomes the Responsible Authority for the Bayside site


EPA issues site clean up notice. Remediation works


Bayside Open Planning Forum (August)


Government calls for expressions of interest to develop the site


Mirvac named as preferred developer. Draws up precinct plans


Construction begins - including 1 - 7 Waterfront Place including gym and childcare centre



City of Port Phillip prepares draft Urban Design Guidelines for the site in anticipation of an application

Action Group sought a permit for three buildings up to 19 storeys tall. The application was refused.


Fire broke out on the site in the early hours of 14 September and buildings extensively damaged


A planning application for a single 10 storey tower made, and refused by City of Port Phillip. Appealed to VCAT.


On 30 July 2018, the Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne, calls in the application, the same day that the application was scheduled to be heard at VCAT. 


In October, the applicant appeals the Minister's call in to the Supreme Court which rules in favour of the Minister


Minister appoints an Advisory Committee to consider a revised application. The applicant withdraws from the process


August - a new application is made to the City of Port Phillip


Approved by the Port Phillip Council on 24 June (with conditions)


Developer appeals City of Port Phillip decision to VCAT


VCAT hearing set down for 23 - 25 March


VCAT approves the development and sets aside the conditions that were in dispute.



23 September 2022

92 Bridge St, Port Melbourne

 September 2022

The former tailor shop will go to auction on 8 October. 

92 Bridge St, Port Melbourne, September 2022

17 September 2022

Exchange Hotel, 39 Bay St, Port Melbourne

 September 2022

The Exchange Hotel was sold by Burgess Rawson on 15 September. 

The venue is leased to 2031 to the Australian Venue Company. 

The Exchange Hotel in Bay St, Port Melbourne  August 2022

12 September 2022

237 York St, South Melbourne

 September 2022

The impeccable restoration and additions to 237 York St (cnr Morris St)  by Plico Design Studio.

237 York St (cnr Morris St), South Melbourne  September 2022

April 2021

This modest house on the corner of York and Morris St is being renovated by Plico Design Studio which has a commitment to the adaptive re-use of heritage buildings. 

237 York St, South Melbourne April 2021

A glimpse of the rear of 237 York St, South Melbourne

03 September 2022

81 Bridge St, Port Melbourne

September 2022

The project is complete.

It was designed by Pitch Architecture and Design. 

completion of 81 Bridge St, September 2022

April 2022

An aluminum screen has been installed along the Esplanade West/Dow St frontage. The project approaches completion.

81 Bridge St, Port Melbourne, April 2022

December 2021

81 Bridge St, Port Melbourne, December 2021

August 2020


The site has been secured. The basement has been excavated and retaining walls constructed.

81 Bridge St, the site secured, August 2020

81 Bridge St, carpark basement with retaining walls

April 2020

Work has begun on site.

Esplanade West towards Bridge St 21 04 2020
August 2019

The site is cleared by Green Demolitions and Earthworks.

81 Bridge St, August 2019

April 2019

Six three level dwellings are for sale by Cayzer - each with an indicative sale price of  $2,100,000.

81 Bridge St, Port Melbourne April 2019

March 2018

The site is secured. 

March 2018
September 2017

The planning application was refused by the City of Port Phillip and appealed to VCAT.

June 2017

Planning application 164/2017 is being advertised for six three storey townhouses with rooftop terraces.

November 2016

The site is still for sale.

July 2016

The property is for sale again by Greg Hocking, Holdsworth. Now just a development site: 'the site, the sounds, the scope'. The property 'damaged and dilapidated.'

For sale by auction on 16 July by Greg Hocking 

September 2015

81 Bridge St sold for $3,700.000. Agents Hocking Stuart described the property as offering 'an increasingly rare "blank canvas" opportunity to renovate/build a district showpiece (STCA), or explore the enormous multi-townhouse development potential (STCA).'

From spectacular to dilapidated

Following a fire in 2014, this unusual house has collapsed into a sorry crumble of bricks and roof.
This corner block has become pure potential. The lush green billboard promises a good yield.

June 2015
Shortly after the fire in November 2014

24 11 2014
Here is the house looking proud on a beautiful day in March 2009.

Addressing the corner
Image David Thompson 

David Thompson explains how this unusual house - for Port - came to be built.

06 August 2022

5 Barak Rd, Port Melbourne

 August 2022

Alterations and additions to 5 Barak Rd are underway by Kennedy. 

5 Barak Rd, Port Melbourne - August 2022 

18 July 2022

Ferrars & York, South Melbourne

July 2022

Ferrars & York is nearing completion. The apartments are all electric, healthy and climate resilient. The development has recently been officially certified as carbon neutral. 

The 3,740 tonnes of carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide equivalent generated in the building's construction have been offset by investment in two Climate Active compliant hydropower plant projects in Indonesia. (source: HIP V HYPE)

August 2021

Ferrars & York is a development of 22 carbon neutral apartments designed by Six Degrees Architects, enabled by HIP V HYPE. It is located on the western side of the 96 light rail corridor between City Rd and York St. 

The builders are Ironside

Ferrars & York, August 2021

21 June 2022

385 Princes St, Port Melbourne

June 2022

Front facade retained, demolition of the rear.

Demolition of the rear, 385 Princes St, June 2022

March 2022

Progressio has put its mark on 385 Princes St, Port Melbourne.

385 Princes St, March 2022

March 2021

385 Princes St was sold by Biggin & Scott for $1,180,000 in March 2021.

385 Princes St, February 2021

14 June 2022

6 Turville Place, Port Melbourne

 June 2022

Planning notice for the construction of two three-storey dwellings on one lot with roof terraces. (ref PDPL/00096/2022)

Planning application is advertised, 6 Turville Place, June 2022

Sales history

The property was sold for $471k by private treaty in July 2001.

In 1983, it sold by private treaty for $82.5k (source: Domain)

08 June 2022

146 Dow St, Port Melbourne

27 February 2021

The new dwelling is complete. 

146 Dow St, Port Melbourne February 2021

146 Dow St, from the lane - February 2021

Designed by Dana Meadows Architect for Peter Wright Architects
Built by SECON Constructions
Grampians Blue Krause bricks

19 February 2020

The front portion of the house was demolished by hand today.

146 Dow St, 19 February 2020

18 February 2020

Demolition of the rear of the house is underway. It looks as thought the front is being retained though it is in very poor condition, has been much altered and retains some quaint features.

However, the planning permit says "Demolition of the dwelling and partial demolition of the garage, alterations and additions including the construction of a two storey dwelling and alterations to the existing garage at the rear of the site. (Permit 308/2018/A)

February 2020
October 2016

The house sold for $2,385,000 on 15 October.

'The generosity of land together with the lifestyle location create an unrivalled opportunity', according to the agents.

The house last sold for $38k by private treaty in 1976. (source Domain)

10 May 2022

25 Evans St, Port Melbourne

May 2022

The property, described as 'blue chip, blank canvas' by agents Biggin & Scott, was sold on 28 May 2022 for $1,640,000.

May 2022

The house, or rather the land, at 25 Evans St is for sale by Biggin & Scott. The site is advertised as 'a blank canvas', unrestricted by a heritage overlay.

25 Evans St, May 2022

58 Cruikshank St, Port Melbourne

May 2022

The planning notice advises the demolition of the existing dwelling, the construction of a two storey dwelling, a two storey garage/studio, basement and roof terrace.

58 Cruikshank St, Port Melbourne   May 2022

04 May 2022

139 Esplanade West, Port Melbourne

May 2022

Demolition of 139 Esplanade West - some lathe and plaster still to be seen.

Demolition, 139 Esplanade West, May 2022

February 2020

The house at 139 Esplanade West, Port Melbourne was sold before auction. The site has an approved planning application for a three level townhouse by John Matyas architects.

139 Esplanade West was sold in February 2020
Sales history

139 Esplanade West was sold for 
  • $1,750,000 in February 2020
  • $902,000 in 2013
  • $521,000 in 2004 (source: realestate.com.au)

110 Raglan St, Port Melbourne

May 2022

The house at 110 Raglan St is for sale by Gary Peer. The house has been associated for many years with the Raglan Street gardener, Sandi Pullman. 

"One of three original terraces built in 1870, this cottage is one of Port Melbourne’s oldest buildings still in original & raw condition, retaining all its original ornate cast-iron lacework, high ceilings adorned with intricate roses & archways." (source: Gary Peer)

The site is covered by a Heritage Overlay in the City of Port Phillip planning scheme.

110 Raglan St, Port Melbourne May 2022

09 April 2022

277 - 281 Ingles St, Port Melbourne

April 2023

The site is still for sale.

April 2022

The site, now known as Port Melbourne Place, is for sale by expression of interest closing on 5 May. The sale is being conducted by Dawkins Occhiuto and Colliers.

A masterplan for the very large site is in place.

Marketing for the site relies heavily on Port Melbourne's attributes.

22 July 2020


9 December 2015

The City of Port Phillip considered the proposal to construct three mixed use towers of 2 x 34 storeys (105m approx.), and 1 x 52 storeys (158m approx.). 

The officers raised concerns about the 51 level tower. They preferred a tower of no more 40 levels. They did not support the over supply of car parking. 
  • "the height of the 51 level tower would be inappropriate and should be reduced to not more than 40 levels, and the street and/or side setbacks of Towers 1 and 2 should be increased to fully comply with the preferred minimums. 
  • concerns regarding the design of the new road between the towers, the location and design of open space, the level of activation facing Bertie Street, 
  • an over-supply of car parking"
Note: the Planning Minister is the decision maker for Capital City Zoned Fishermans Bend.

Site area: 2.21 ha

08 March 2022

167 Ross St, Port Melbourne

March 2022

It is difficult to see the house under construction as it is obscured by the street tree.

167 Ross St, Port Melbourne, March 2022

December 2019

The site is clear.

December 2019

The planning application for a single dwelling, lodged on 14 August 2016, appears to have been contentious. It was appealed to VCAT twice - first the original application, and later an amendment was also appealed.  The permit was finally granted in April 2019. (planning permit reference 738/2016)

2 November 2015

This house at 167 Ross St, Port Melbourne was sold by Hocking Stuart for $1,101,000 on 10 October - the price reflecting the property's two street frontages and large, long block.

46 Station St, Port Melbourne

March 2022 

The property has been sold by Cayzer.

46 Station St, Port Melbourne, March 2022

07 February 2022

187-201 Williamstown Rd, Port Melbourne

February 2022

Port Lane is sold out.

The site has been cleared. Civ2Con are undertaking the civil and construction works.

from Todd Rd, P.M. in the background, February 2022

October 2021

Demolition has begun.

Demolition underway at 187 - 201 Williamstown Rd, October 2021

March 2021

Port Lane, February 2021

ID_Land launches Port Lane. 

The marketing for Port Lane explicitly retains the graffiti.

Port Lane, Todd Rd frontage February 2021

Marketing for Port Lane - 'a coastal community with urban flair'.

Port Lane at 201 Williamstown Rd 

December 2020

Marketing for the Port Lane townhouses approved in 2017. The architects for the development are Rothelowman. The landscape architects are Tract. 

ID_Land, Todd Rd, December 2020

1 November 2017

At the meeting of 1 November, the Port Phillip Council approved this development application subject to a range of conditions.

The proposal is to construct 122 three level townhouse dwellings, 15 of which would incorporate the saw tooth factory wall along the Todd Street boundary. All other buildings will be demolished.

The land is in the Wirraway Precinct of Fishermans Bend which has an interim mandatory 4-storey maximum height area (until 31 March 2018). The development clearly complies with this requirement.

The existing saw tooth factory fa├žade along Todd Road is part of the noise attenuation strategy for the development.

the real thing with graffiti - November 2017

render showing retained saw tooth roof wall via Rothelowman

Trees along the Williamstown Road frontage including the Wallangarra White Gum at the corner of Todd Road are to be retained, and existing trees along the north, east and west rear and side boundaries are to be protected.

21 different townhouse designs are proposed. Fifteen of the dwellings facing Todd Road would incorporate the retained redbrick sawtooth factory wall into their rear elevation.

Both VICT and Port of Melbourne Operations Ltd objected to the proposal on the basis that it could compromise the future workings of the Port.

The Council's response was to require that the development incorporate stringent noise attenuation measures and to include the following conditions:

All dwellings will be required to contain covenants to be registered on the Title of the property so as to run with the land, and must provide for the following:
  1. Confirm that the land is located adjacent to an active, 24 hour per day working port located at the Port of Melbourne;
  2. Acknowledge the adjacent Port is projected to expand and increase its operations from circa 1 million standard containers in 2017 to circa six million standard containers in 2040, generally in accordance with the Port Development Strategy 2035 Vision, Port of Melbourne Corporation, August 2009.

Port Phillip Council report 1 November 2017 Ref P0307/2017

July 2016

ID_Land purchased the 1.7 hectare site for $30m on the 7th July.

The site

Neighbours - Port of Melbourne and 187 Williamstown Rd