Evolving Port

Port Melbourne and Fishermans Bend change. Houses are changed or demolished and new forms of housing take their place. Port Houses records some of these changes.

03 December 2011

63 Rouse St, Port Melbourne

25 March 2015

63 Rouse St, Port Melbourne under construction 
Element Five

20 January 2014

63 Rouse St, Port Melbourne - demolition 

The former Kosdown printing premises at 63 Rouse St were demolished over the heatwave week. Hot work!

Kosdown was in Rouse St, Port Melbourne for about 30 years. They have moved to 10 Rocklea Drive in Fishermans Bend.

Marketing for the Evie apartments describes Port Melbourne as Melbourne’s ‘most dynamic and eclectic’ inner beach suburb.

15 April 2013

63 Rouse St, April 2013

3D and Branding created by KIKGROUP, Interior by Hecker Guthrie and architecture by Rothe Lowman

Architects Rothelowman
Monson Property Group

12 February 2015

The recent sale of Kosdown in Rouse St has created interest in the planning controls for this site. The site is in the Port Melbourne Mixed Use Area and is covered by a Design and Development Overlay [DDO] in the Port Phillip Planning Scheme. The particular requirements for this part of the DDO provides for an absolute maximum height of 19.5m [6 storeys].

63 Rouse St, February 2011

199 - 203 Rouse St, Port Melbourne


August 2013

I'm exceptionally disappointed with the treatment of this corner of Rouse and Nott St. Touted as the pride of Port Melbourne, Luur offers nothing to the public realm - keeping its delightful spaces including a communal roof deck all to itself. 

Rouse St was imagined in 1999 as the spine of the proposed new residential areas south of Graham St. All new development was to contribute to the high level of pedestrian amenity, shelter from the wind, and visual interest through the incorporation of urban art.

This has been achieved to an extent in Tjingari (opposite at 216 Rouse St) with Barbara Weir's artwork etched onto the outside walls and above the entrance. The aspirations for Rouse St fall far short with the ground level treatment of Luur. 

October 2011
14 October 2011

The corner of Rouse and Nott St was occupied by Rosebank Engineering - a narrow building on the corner. Next door was a narrow car park used by the company. 

The site was cleared towards the end of 2011. Luur will have 31 apartments over 6 levels. The site was formerly a modest office building recently occupied by Rosebank engineering - the remnants of which you can see in this picture. The site is covered by Design and Development Overlay 1 [DDO1] of the Port Phillip planning scheme which specifies a maximum height of 6 storeys in this particular location. 

Architect: Terry Harper 

Builder: Hamilton Marino