Evolving Port

Port Melbourne and Fishermans Bend change. Houses are changed or demolished and new forms of housing take their place. Port Houses records some of these changes.

23 September 2023

436 Graham St, Port Melbourne

31 October 2016

"This tightly held premier address debuts on the market for the first time in over seven decades—after just one family ownership!"

source: realestate.com

Graham St, Port Melbourne

March 2020

For sale by Marshall White

March 2020

189 Princes St, Port Melbourne

CoPP planning permit reference 912/2016

89 Dunstan Parade, Port Melbourne

November 2022

The house at 89 Dunstan Parade sold by Marshall White on election day, 26 November. Prospective buyers sought the shade of trees in neighbouring Julier Reserve. 

auction of 89 Dunstan Parade, 26 November 2022


378 - 382 Bay St, Port Melbourne

This handsome threesome of houses at the northern end of Bay St was constructed in 1900. The tree obscures some of the details described in the citation below.

The allotment was purchased from the Crown by T Fordham. By February 1900 the land was owned by James McLaughlan, of Howe Crescent, South Melbourne. During that year he erected three 8 room brick houses. It is described as 

'A rare example in Port Melbourne of a grand terrace of three houses, it is of unusually late date for the style. The terrace demonstrates the original mixed residential and commercial character of Bay Street. The terrace is notable for its elaborate parapet design and cast iron balcony decoration.

These three two storey terrace houses were constructed in polychromatic brickwork, now painted. They are relatively wide and have cast iron balconies and verandahs.

The central house is more elaborate than its flanking neighbour, having a triangular pedimented parapet and more complex cast iron decoration. In addition, the central house has tripartite windows, arched to the ground floor, rather than the paired windows found on the other three houses.

The cornice detailing on the two outer houses differ from that on the central house. The south house has a rectangular pediment which differs from the possibly altered pediment on the north house. The original decorative urns have been removed.'

Source: City of Port Phillip Heritage Review

112 Derham St, Port Melbourne


112 Derham St, Port Melbourne 2014 photo: Chisholm & Gamon

The former home of Billy 'The Texan' Longley was built in 1920.

18 Stokes St, Port Melbourne

April 2020

18 Stokes St is the first known purpose built Masonic Hall in Melbourne. It was built by Charles Gregory in 1858. The Lodge Hall was situated on the block of land bounded by Beach Street, Stokes Street, Rouse Street and Nott Street which formed Block 1 in the Sandridge Township Plan and was among the first to be offered for sale.

The Sandridge Marine Lodge continued to meet in the Stokes Street Hall until 1917 when it moved to the Lodge's then new Masonic Hall in Liardet Street.

source: The First Lodge Building in Melbourne in Thoughts for the Enquiring Mason February 2020

Graham St, Port Melbourne

December 2014

Graham St, December 2014

17 Rocklea Drive, Port Melbourne

April 2019

The site is owned by Third Street.

The Port Phillip Council considered an application for one 10 level and one 13-level towers (including a shared four (4) level podium, mixed use commercial and residential building and associated car, motorcycle and bicycle parking and construct and/or carry out works. 

See the City of Port Phillip report on the application, 22 July 2020.

261 Bridge St, Port Melbourne

September 2023

The property at 261 Bridge St was sold for $2,120,000 by Whitefox.

19 September 2023

79 Swallow St, Port Melbourne

Wintringham Hostel

Wintringham Hostel

The citation for Wintringham Hostel, at City of Port Phillip Design and Development Awards reads

The scale, site planning and variety of materials and forms are eminently appropriate response to the architect's brief to create a particular kind of supportive home environment.

Residents are accommodated in 35 individual residential units grouped into six family type clusters around communal facilities.

Occupants retain a high degree of personal identity within a low-key institutional setting while having access to private open space and shared indoor and outdoor leisure areas.

Architect: Allen Kong
Funding: Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services
Commonwealth Department of Veterans Affairs
State Department of Human Services

17 Rocklea Drive, Port Melbourne

July 2020

17 Rocklea Drive, Fishermans Bend
17 Rocklea Drive, October 2020

2 - 14 Thistlethwaite St, South Melbourne

16 - 20 Thistlethwaite St, South Melbourne

green wall CoPP report
but due to lack of detail in the supporting documentation it is currently unclear if this can be realised
podium of 4 storeys
Referred to SAC
CoPP 22 July 2020
Architect: Nidal Ammache 

Complete Post is a creative hub servicing the Film and Television Industry post production

12 Thistlethwaite St, December 2018

Sales history
2016: $6,600,000 (by private treaty)
1986:  $385k (by private treaty)

99 Lorimer St, Fishermans Bend

August 2021

Nick Theodossi and Ross Pelligra paid $50.5 million for the Subaru site. 

Dawkins Occhiuto’s Andrew Dawkins and Walter Occhiuto brokered the off-market sale.

118 Evans St, Port Melbourne

 30 April 2014

This house was sold on 30 June 2012 for $845,000.  The advertisement said that  'this is either the most challenging renovation you could ever undertake or a magnificent development site (STCA) in one of the districts premier bayside precincts.'

A planning application for the demolition of the dwelling and the construction of a two storey dwelling was lodged on 19 June 2013.  A permit was finally granted by VCAT on 9 January 2014.

The house was demolished in the last week of April 2014.


Bayview, 84 Bay St, Port Melbourne


The Bayview development on the corner of Rouse and Bay St was completed in 2003.

231 Bay St, Port Melbourne

National Australia Bank

A first-time international investor has beaten six other bidders to nab the Port Melbourne NAB bank branch at 231 Bay Street.

About 80 people turned up to the auction of the 252 sq m branch which sold for $3.86 million on a 3.65 per cent yield.

165 - 167 Gladstone St, South Melbourne

December 2017

Eight level Night Fall was completed in December 2017.

It comprises 45 dwellings with 22 carspaces

Architect:  DKO

Developer: BPM

Builder: Ironside

21 April 2015

After considering the application at a meeting on 21 April, the City of Port Phillip issued a permit for the development on 24 April 2015. (ref 1140/2014).

There was previously a single-storey commercial building on the site.

229 Esplanade East, Port Melbourne

February 2020

The property is listed for sale with Greg Hocking. The advertisement is headed 'No heritage overlay'.

A permit was issued for a double storey dwelling and carport in April 2019. (CoPP ref 736/2018)

The property, with two street frontages, was last sold by Cayzer in 2010 for $1,040,000.

It is said to have been built in 1900.

Esplanade West house, Port Melbourne


The property is for sale by Marshall White. The asking price is $2,405,000.



Matt stripped this house back to bare essentials and meticulously returned it to life.

44 Cruikshank St, Port Melbourne

December 2019

A permit was issued on 17 December 2019 for partial demolition, alterations and additions to an existing dwelling including a ground and first floor addition with roof terrace and a two storey garage/studio to the rear of the dwelling. (Ref City of Port Phillip planning application 336/2019)

September 2016

44 Cruikshank St, RT Edgar

The property was sold by R T Edgar on 10 September 2016 for $1,350,000

Sales history

December 1993: $189,000

June 1986: $78,000

September 1977: $27,000 (source: realestate.com.au)

159 Cruikshank St, Port Melbourne

July 2021

This two bedroom, one bathroom property was sold by Jellis Craig Greg Hocking for $1,379,000 on 17 July via zoom auction. The property is about 200 sqm.

Sales history

2003 $440,000

1998 $223,000

70 Clark St, Port Melbourne

November 2019

The house, described as uninhabitable, was sold by Biggin and Scott for $995,000 on 23 November.

16 September 2023

70 Station St, Port Melbourne

 June 2023

70 Station St was sold by Marshall White Port Phillip on 17 June.

70 Station St was the home of Pat Grainger of the Port Melbourne and Historical Preservation Society from 1982 to 2022. 

Read more about Pat Grainger here. 

Sales history

21 September 1982 $51,830

2 - 4 Douglas St, South Melbourne

September 2023

The Age reports that the property has been sold for $5.65 million.

August 2023

The 929 sq m property is for sale by Stonebridge on 1 September.  

13 September 2023

40 The Crescent, Beacon Cove

July 2022

The City of Port Phillip (CoPP) has refused a planning application for this address. The proposal was for: a permit for partial demolition, buildings and works comprising alterations and a third storey addition with terrace to an existing dwelling.

The reasons for refusal included the following: The proposed third storey would not respect the existing or preferred character of the neighbourhood. The form and position of the third storey would be inconsistent with the single and double storey character of the neighbourhood and would detract from the existing unique character of tower forms in this neighbourhood

09 September 2023

92 Beach St and 2 to 4 Princes St, Port Melbourne

September 2023

Now named New London House, the development is for sale by expressions of interest closing on 12 October at 2.00 pm. Stonebridge is handling the sale. 

92 Beach St, December 2021

October 2020

An impressive shoring arrangement was used in the basement retention system of the London apartments (formerly the London Hotel) comprising sand, Moray Street Gravels & Coode Island Silt located less than 100 m from the shore of Port Phillip Bay.

Read more about how the builders, engineers and geotechnical experts approached the basement of the site in this article from This is construction. (October 2020)

May 2019

The site lies vacant.

The cleared site of the former London Hotel

The London

Demolition of the London began on 7 March 2017.

only the outer walls remain standing - the London

City of Port Phillip Planning Application No 1220/2016 for the construction of an eight storey building comprising ground floor restaurant (270 patrons) and 32 dwellings. The dwelling mix is 4 x one bedroom units, 17 x two bedroom units and 11 x three bedroom units. Three basement levels are proposed with 42 car spaces, six bicycle spaces, storage and other associated facilities.  

The Council decision of 6 September 2017 to approve the development was appealed by the applicant to VCAT. 
VCAT said about the proposal:  
Ultimately we conclude that a high density, mixed use development on the subject land can make a significant and positive contribution to multiple outcomes sought by the scheme. Those outcomes include housing growth and diversity, activation of the public realm between Station Pier and Bay Street, and passive surveillance of the public realm. 

However, the building’s impacts on the public and private realms are not acceptable. Although changes could be made to reduce amenity impacts on neighbours to an acceptable level, the extent of overshadowing of the foreshore reserve is such that we do not consider a net community benefit is achieved. 

The positive outcomes associated with this permit application are not, however, outweighed by the negative impacts upon the public and private realms that would result if this development is approved in its current form. We are not satisfied that the outcomes and design objectives of DDO1 are met nor State and local policies that emphasise the important civic role of the foreshore and its pathways.

Most specifically, we find the extent of overshadowing of the foreshore (including the bicycle and pedestrian paths) and the loss of amenity to abutting dwellings, particularly No. 90 Beach Street, to be unacceptable impacts from the proposal.

Conditions were imposed to address these concerns and VCAT issued a permit on 7 March 2018. 

November 2010

The London Hotel, November 2010

05 September 2023

276 - 281 Ingles St, Port Melbourne

September 2023

The Minister for Planning, Sonya Kilkenny, has approved a development for this site.

It comprises 389 apartments, 8693sq m of commercial office space and 2088sq m of retail space.

Studio Kristen Whittle designed the plans for the tower. Studio Kristen Whittle describe the project:

"The concrete forms echo the surrounding post industrial historical built form language that surrounds Australia's largest port complex. The three 'silo' forms are expressed with red oxide low embodied energy fly ash concrete and thick set bronzed curtain walling.  A roof garden sits on top of the carparking podium .. The tower is raised two storeys above the roof garden to allow for the strong northerly winds to pass through the development without significant downdraft impediments." (source: Studio Kristen Wittle)
2 April 2020

The 2,746 sq m site was sold in March 2020 for $7.95m. It will be leased back to Winfield.
(source Australian Financial Review)

It is in the Sandridge Precinct of Fishermans Bend.

276 Ingles St, March 2020

276 - 281 Ingles St, Port Melbourne

 September 2023

The 2764sq m site was the home of Winfield Automotive Services for 31 years prior to its sale in March 2020 for $7.95 million.

It comprises 389 apartments, 8693sq m of commercial office space and 2088sq m of retail space.

Studio Kristen Whittle designed the plans for the tower.