Evolving Port

Port Melbourne and Fishermans Bend change. Houses are changed or demolished and new forms of housing take their place. Port Houses records some of these changes.

26 September 2013

125-133 Thistlethwaite Street, South Melbourne

5 October 2013

Marc Pallisco reports in today's Age that a planning application for a 26 level, 184 unit complex for this site was lodged shortly before the state government released the Fishermans Bend vision document and associated design guidelines. He says that some developers were disappointed since they had been encouraged to submit 30 level plus proposals. Now the vision proposes height controls in this part of Montague.

125 to 133 Thistlethwaite St

The property, zoned Capital City Zone (CCZ1), was sold on the 24 April for $4.2m.

Lemon Baxter described the property as representing "an unprecedented future high rise development opportunity".

Similar sites within the area are proposing applications for high rise of between 21-50 Levels (STPA). 

As reported by Marc Pallisco in The Age on April 20, 2013, the "Thistlethwaite Street site is the first offered for auction in Montague since last year's Capital City 1 rezoning. The agents expect $4m which would reflect a land rate of about $3,300 a square metre. Before the rezone, the rate per square metre of land was about $2,000."

125 - 133 Thistlethwaite St, April 2013

Sales history:
August 2017 $6,350,000
December 2013 $4,125,000
October 2010 $2,630,000
February 1981 $205,000
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06 September 2013

Sustainable Houses in Port Melbourne

This Port Melbourne house - with solar panels, water capture, locally indigenous garden, lemon tree, edible garden out the back, and a fence that encourages neighbourly interaction - shows how attractively such features can be incorporated.
Running Postman Kennedia Prostrata
Some people say that sustainability is an over used word that has lost its meaning. The ten principles of One Planet Living offer an accessible framework for sustainable living that incorporates the social and cultural dimensions of life.