Evolving Port

Port Melbourne and Fishermans Bend change. Houses are changed or demolished and new forms of housing take their place. Port Houses records some of these changes.

04 October 2020

10-16 Boundary St, South Melbourne

October 2020

The development was officially completed in August.

10 - 16 Boundary St, South Melbourne

Architects DKO describe the architecture this way:
"Externally, Habitus combines bronze aluminium detailing with pre-cast concrete and dark textured bricks – all of which pay homage to the locality’s industrial pedigree. Drawing inspiration from surrounding warehouses, the strong saw-tooth roof forms ensure the development is sympathetic to its streetscape. While the integrated landscaping softens the industrial edge creating a verdant inner-urban escape."
Explore Habitus Townhomes by Beulah.

10 - 16 Boundary St, May 2019

Habitus is a development of 27 four storey townhouses with basement carparking. 
A four storey height limit applies to the site. 

Builder Ironside Construction

Developer  Beulah International

Architect DKO

Landscape John Patrick

Website https://habitustownhomes.com.au/

City of Port Phillip Statutory Planning Committee 18 October 2016

01 October 2020

386 Graham St, Port Melbourne

 October 2020

386 Graham St, October 2020
15 October 2015
386 Graham St, the site is cleared

The shop on the corner, March 2015 

Sales history

July 2019: $935,000

July 1982: $42,500

(source: realestate.com.au)

27 September 2020

153 Clark St, Port Melbourne

September 2020

Looking comfortable in Clark St.

153 Clark St, September 2020

detail, 153 Clark St, September 2020

December 2019

December 2019

153 Clark St is a modern interpretation of the Victorian terrace. Architectural practice Third Skin has been developing sustainable, modular design and delivery systems which have come together in Habitech Systems. This house is an example. The houses are super energy efficient.

Read more about the house, The Modern Victorian, and HabitechSystems.


The house on site was demolished.

source: onthehouse.com.au

20 September 2020

67 - 69 Buckhurst St, South Melbourne

September 2020

Stowe Australia, an electrical contracting group, has sold its head office in Buckhurst St on 23 July for around $6.4 million. The property was constructed by Andor Schwartz in the 1980s. 

The property was purchased by Incore Developments who plan to build a 12 storey office building on the site. (source: Nicole Lindsay, The Age, 19 September)

Stowe has moved to 115 - 117 Salmon St, Port Melbourne.

67 - 69 Buckhurst St, South Melbourne 

December 1983 sold by private treaty for $227k. (source: Domain)  

15 September 2020

118 Bertie St, Port Melbourne

9 September 2020

118 Bertie St, Port Melbourne

The Minister for Planning announced approval of this 20 storey Build to Rent development this week.

The proposal provides for 
  • 165 Build to Rent dwellings, of which 34 dwellings are three-bedroom dwellings – equating to 20% of the dwelling stock.
  • a 6 storey podium form with tower above to a total of 20 storeys 
  • 204 bicycle spaces, 101 car parking spaces, 6 car share spaces and 8 motorcycle spaces.
Architects: Mako architects 

25 September 2019

The planning officer at the City of Port Phillip assesses the application. (Ref: 2014002000-1, Minister for Planning, 3/2014/MPA/A, Council

February 2018

The application was called in by the Minister for Planning

15 December 2017

The permit applicant lodged an application fore review against DELWP for failure to decide the application within 60 statutory days with the Planning List of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

The planning permit application was made in June 2016.

The property was sold by private treaty in July 2015 for $7.7m (source: Domain)

In 1996 it was sold for $820k. 

2-28 Montague St, 80 Munro St, Fishermans Bend

January 2021

The site is used as a drive through COVID testing site.

entry on Johnson St to COVID testing site, January 2021

9 September 2020

80 Johnson St, a boundary of 2 - 28 Montague St

A 15, 24 and 38 storey development was approved by the Minister for Planning this week.

Developer: Gurner
Architect: Cox architecture

April 2020

The Mazda branding has been removed.

2-28 Montague St from cnr Munro and Montague Sts s/e cnr 21 April 2020

The Fishermans Bend Standing Advisory Committee will conduct a hearing on this application. It will run for 5 days.

The revised application is for three towers of 34, 28 and 26 levels.

26 February 2020

The City of Port Phillip considered the amended application at a meeting on 26 February. Their concerns related to:
  • alignment with the Fishermans Bend Framework
  • the lack of detail on future stages
Reference: http://www.portphillip.vic.gov.au/February-2020-meetingagendas.htm


Applicant: Gurner

Application originally lodged: October 2017 for 3 towers - 1 x 37 storey, 2 x 40 storey comprising 692 dwellings and 916 car parking spaces.


intersection of Montague and Munro Sts, 2015

09 September 2020

203 - 205 Normanby Rd, South Melbourne

9 September 2020

The site is occupied by Melbourne City Toyota.

A 36 level development approved was approved by the Minister this week after being reviewed by the Standing Advisory Committee. It comprises 171 dwellings and includes 10 affordable housing units.

Click here for the full report of the Standing Advisory Committee on 203 - 205 Normanby Rd. 

May 2020

The Standing Advisory Committee hearing has concluded and the report is awaited.

September 2019

Referred to the Standing Advisory Committee for consideration.

Sales history

In 1982 the site was sold for $228,500. (source: realestate.com)

24 August 2020

53-63 Bridge St, Port Melbourne

also known as Catherine Terrace

August 2020

53 - 63 Bridge St, Port Melbourne

Find out more about the history of Catherine Terrace in this article by Ray Jelley from the Port Melbourne Historical and Preservation Society.

January 2018

Extensive renovations are underway.

53-63 Bridge St, Port Melbourne, January 2018

May 2017

Wallpaper is revealed as the rear of the building is removed.

29 January 2017

Revealing the roof

53-63 Bridge St - January 2017

10 April 2016

The planning permit phase 

53-63 Bridge St - April 2016

Planning Application No 179/2016 has been lodged for partial demolition and construction of alterations and additions of ground and first floor additions to the rear of the existing four single storey dwellings.

Source: City of Port Phillip planning permit register

11 May 2015

The houses sold on 9 May for $3,690,000.

9 April 2015

These three houses had not been offered for sale since 1959.

The houses were sold to Robert and Ella Atkinson by James George McCormack and William Thomas McCormack - associated with the nearby Cricketers Arms Hotel.

On 25 August 1967, the Housing Commission wrote to Mr Atkinson advising that under Section 56 of the Housing Act, the premises at 53, 55, 57, 59 and 63 Bridge St 'did not comply in certain respects to the Housing (Standards of Habitation) Regulations.'

He was instructed to bring the housing up to the Housing Commission's acceptable standards.

By 1971 Mr Atkinson  had made sufficient improvements for the Housing Commission to write again saying that ‘in view of the overall improvement in these properties, commission interest could now cease.'

Source: PROV VPRS 1824/P/0000 - 000042

10 August 2020

73 Heath St, Port Melbourne

August 2020

The original weatherboard cottage at 73 Heath Street was probably one of Port’s oldest homes, its slate hipped roof echoing Georgian influences rarely found in Victoria. Since it was in worse condition than imagined, reconstruction as a replica was the chosen solution. This included accurate positioning of windows, verandah and the rebuilt chimney. There’s a basement, and a two storey addition at the rear which provides a contrasting backdrop to the cottage. The owners were keen to retain the old house’s contribution to the streetscape, albeit in a new structure meeting modern building standards.

The chimney was rebuilt using recycled bricks from Paddy's Bricks in Kensington. 

73 Heath St, Port Melbourne

February 2019

The house at 73 Heath St has been demolished. Gone for now - but not for long as it will be re-constructed.

It was found that the hipped-roof front section was in such poor structural condition it could not be brought up to modern standards to meet building regulations and energy requirements.  Port Phillip Council building surveyors supported the demolition.

The cottage, with its slate roof and chimney will be reinstated, along with its double-hung windows. A more street sympathetic fence will enable a two way interaction between the house and the street.

73 Heath St, Port Melbourne 

07 June 2020

246 Stokes St, Port Melbourne

from cnr Farrell & Stokes Sts

July 2008

from cnr Farrell & Stokes St, July 2008

This house on this corner belonged for many years to Adrian James Bailes.

Jim Bailes at the Port Melbourne Community Carnival in 2007

189 Rouse St, Port Melbourne

September 2020

189 Rouse St, Port Melbourne, 2020

March 2010

24 May 2020

89 Raglan St, Port Melbourne

June 2020

89 Raglan St, June 2020

March 2017

Re-incarnated in grey.

89 Raglan St, March 2017 

August  2016

The former corner shop at Heath x Raglan St was sold for $1,502m by Chisholm & Gamon.
While looking neat and tidy over the past year, it had been through a graffiti-ed patch which led to much exasperation from neighbours.

89 Raglan St, July 2016

89 Raglan St, 2010

12 May 2020

9 Johnston St and 57 Rouse St, Port Melbourne


March 2020

The final touch - installation of Bundjil.

on Johnson St

Sculptor Brendan Hackett
Design concept Ngarra Murray

January 2020

Finishing touches being applied to the upper level of Alumuna.

Johnson St
The development was completed by Schiavello Construction.

July 2018

Bayside Construct, builders of this development, have gone into administration with 49 people made redundant. (source AFR 10 July 2018)

April 2016

Marketing begins for the Alumuna development by Wood Marsh architecture. Wood Marsh's Beacon project is in the same block.

Developer Peter Maher, Strange Fellow Investments

September 2015

An application was lodged with the City of Port Phillip on the 9 September 2015 for development of a six storey building containing 28 apartments.

The site had been used for carparking for many years.

9 Johnston St, Port Melbourne

28 April 2020

Princes St, Port Melbourne

September 2020

Brick and Gable House was entered in to the City of Port Phillip Design and Development Awards 2020 in the category Residential Dwelling: alteration or new build.

April 2020

Brick and Gable House by Breathe Architecture. The house was completed in 2018.

April 2020

25 April 2020

14 Woodruff St, Port Melbourne

The Soap Factory

April 2020

Work continues on the Soap Factory.

Ingles St frontage, April 2020

Musk Architecture The Soap Factory

MUSK Studio "embraces the unique circumstances of each project to uncover original design solutions that are personally engaging and enrich the environment in which we all share".

Developer: Banco Group
Developer: Cubo Group
Architecture: MUSK Architecture Studio


It was reported that Harry Stamoulis sold the red brick 7036 sq m red brick warehouse for $10m. (source: The Age 2 February 2017)

Sold - April 2017


For sale - the Ingles St frontage, December 2016

May 2016

The photograph below shows the building prior to the construction of the neighbouring townhouses.

Late afternoon May 2016, from cnr Boundary & Woodruff St 

21 April 2020

11 Evans St, Port Melbourne

April 2020

Looks like demolition is not far away.

11 Evans St, 21 April 2020
March 2020

A planning application has been submitted to the City of Port Phillip for the demolition of the dwelling and the construction of two double storey dwellings with roof terrace. (ref 132/2020)

June 2019

The house was sold by Marshall White on 22 June for $1,700,000.

It was last sold in 1976 for $41,000.

28 April 2016


Garden inventory

A lemon tree 

16 April 2020

106 and 108 Stokes St, Port Melbourne

Thelma and Carmel

Thelma and Carmel in the late afternoon January 2020

History of 106 and 108 Stokes St:

'Until March 1902, this site was occupied by a pair of five roomed wooden houses. By March 1903, the owner, Patrick Darcy had erected a pair of five room brick houses. The pair ... are of great importance as intact single storey polychrome brick terraced houses. Both houses have two double hung sash windows with a front door towards the middle of the building. The viruoso use of brick around the windows and doors would be equalled by few houses of this size in Melbourne. Between the verandah and the parapet is a colourful row of glazed tiles interspersed with pairs of brackets and garlands. The central portion of the parapet is constructed in red brick contrasting with the dark brown used in the rest of the house. Elaborate cement render consoles support a central pediment on each house, and under this is the name, also in unpainted cement render. The chimneys are constructed in red and yellow bricks with a refined cement render capping.'

source: Port Melbourne Conservation Study prepared by Jacobs Lewis Vines Architects and Conservation Planners July 1979

12 April 2020

202 - 214 Normanby Rd, Southbank

April 2020

Oakwood is a 40 storey building, comprising 392 serviced apartments.

"The conceptual design for this 40-storey hotel has been shaped by the history of the local area, which has been predominantly industrial. The design took inspiration from the idea of interlocking mechanical parts and the sleek finish of contemporary machinery" according to the architects' website.

According to Oakwood Premier's website: This is "Oakwood’s most luxurious offering, catering to the world’s power players – bankers, embassy officials, heads of Fortune 1000 companies and relocating senior executives".

202 - 204 Normanby Rd, April 2020

Architects: CHT 

Builders: Hamilton Marino

Planning permit history

Application received: 29 June 2015

Permit issued: 14 July 2017

Amendment to permit20 March 2019

Yarra Hotel Group Oakwood Premier Melbourne – Normanby Road Southbank

07 April 2020

538 Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne

The Standard 

April 2020

The lights are on in the northern most part of the development.

from Williamstown Rd April 2020
October 2019

The townhouses are going up following the near completion of the apartments facing Williamstown Rd.

from south western corner Ross and Raglan Sts, October 2019
July 2018

Demolition has finished. The site is clear.

Note the proximity to North Port Oval with the Norm Goss stand clearly in view.

 from corner Ross x Raglan, July 2018
May 2018

Deconstruction of the buildings continues behind these hoardings.

from Raglan St looking east towards Ross St, May 2018

Cleared site from cnr Ross & Raglan Sts

March 2018

Demolition of the buildings on site has begun.

December 2017

Approval was sought for an amendment to the permit to allow for a five level building with 15 apartments (9 x two bedroom and 6 x 1 bedroom) and 17 x three storey three bedroom townhouses.

June 2017

Marketing has begun for The Standard "Townhomes and Boutique apartments". Front row seats for the Football at North Port Oval - surprisingly not mentioned in the many locational advantages in the promotional material.

June 2017

The Standard will be made up of 17 three bedroom townhouses, and 15 one and two bedroom apartments.

Developer: The Cubo Group

Architects: JAM Architects

July 2015

The site of ATA Distributors (Abrahsives, Tapes, Adhesives Packaging Systems) was sold by Mulcahy & Co in July 2015.

June 2015

Planning application 667/2015 was approved by the City of Port Phillip for a four storey building with 11 apartments and 17 townhouses.

Sales history

The site was sold for  $7,400,000 in January 2016 and $600,000 in July 1991. (source: realestate.com)


While the focus of this photograph is on the premises of J Kitchen and Son, the site of 538 Williamstown Rd is clearly shown.

Charles Daniel Pratt February 1939 State Library of Victoria