Evolving Port

Port Melbourne and Fishermans Bend change. Houses are changed or demolished and new forms of housing take their place. Port Houses records some of these changes.

11 May 2013

216 Rouse St, Port Melbourne

5 November 2013

Two apartment buildings in the vicinity of  Rouse St, Port Melbourne - Tjingari at 216 Rouse St and Armada at 115 Nott St, were finalists in the City of Port Phillip's Design and Development awards in the category of  'Best new development of 6+ storeys.'

The awards were held in St Kilda on Wednesday evening. Peter Maddison,  the guest speaker, spoke on the theme of innovation.

"How do we imagine the future when all that we know is the past?" was the teasing question he posed.

Tjingari won the Urban Art category for the work 'My mother's country.'

Architects: De Jong

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