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04 August 2013

Do good fences make good neighbour(hood)s? 1

4 August 2013
A feature in Domain (3/8) on front fences prompts a post on front fences in Port Melbourne. In a heritage overlay area, a planning permit is required for a front fence. Some people think that is too onerous. Port Phillip Council provides guidelines for fences in heritage overlay areas to assist. There's a lot to consider in a front fence.
The fence marks the line between private property and the street - the public domain. It can do that in a 'keep out' kind of way, or in a way that creates more of a dialogue between the house and the street.
'Heritage overlay' may suggest picket fences. In one block, I saw some fine contemporary fences and a harsh interpretation of the guidelines. 
contemporary picket fence

harsh and horizontal - fits the house but not the neighbouring houses
pleasing, well suited to the house
Your thoughts?

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