Evolving Port

Port Melbourne and Fishermans Bend change. Houses are changed or demolished and new forms of housing take their place. Port Houses records some of these changes.

18 September 2016

166 Dow St, Port Melbourne

June 2017

Completion and a new life.

August/September 2016

Shortly after the planning permit was approved, the house was demolished. Construction began soon afterwards with the two townhouses taking shape rapidly (18 September 2016)

Bob York, a former resident of both 164 and 166 Dow St has kindly shared these photographs and some of the history of the house.

166 & 164 Dow St photo: Bob York c1956

164 with 166 Dow St in the background c1967 photo: Bob York

21 June 2016

Approval was given for an amended planning application for 'construction of two double storey townhouses, including two double garages and swimming pool' (source: City of Port Phillip planning permit register 635/2015/A)

7 October 2015

Application no 635/2015 has been lodged for the construction of two (2) double storey dwellings and rear garages with studios. (source: City of Port Phillip planning permit register)

28 August 2013

166 Dow St, Port Melbourne is for sale. 

What's your pick: a redevelopment opportunity or an unusual - for Port - family home? 

The house, and its neighbour 164, was built by Claude Plumridge. His business was the Ideal Drum & Cask Company. His son Stan played 156 games for Port between 1929 and 1956. He was named at full back in the Port Melbourne Football Club Team of the Century.

166 Dow St, Port Melbourne

December 1999

Then owners of 166 Dow St submitted to the Port Phillip Council when it was preparing Planning Amendment C5 that 164 and 166 Dow St be removed from the heritage overlay as they were non-contributory buildings. The submission was supported by the Council and the Panel considering the amendment.

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  1. They are proposing to demolish and replace with two double story townhouses!! What a tragedy.

    We have until the end of this week to lodge objections with City of Port Phillip.