Evolving Port

Port Melbourne and Fishermans Bend change. Houses are changed or demolished and new forms of housing take their place. Port Houses records some of these changes.

12 April 2020

202 - 214 Normanby Rd, Southbank

April 2020

Oakwood is a 40 storey building, comprising 392 serviced apartments.

"The conceptual design for this 40-storey hotel has been shaped by the history of the local area, which has been predominantly industrial. The design took inspiration from the idea of interlocking mechanical parts and the sleek finish of contemporary machinery" according to the architects' website.

According to Oakwood Premier's website: This is "Oakwood’s most luxurious offering, catering to the world’s power players – bankers, embassy officials, heads of Fortune 1000 companies and relocating senior executives".

202 - 204 Normanby Rd, April 2020

Architects: CHT 

Builders: Hamilton Marino

Planning permit history

Application received: 29 June 2015

Permit issued: 14 July 2017

Amendment to permit20 March 2019

Yarra Hotel Group Oakwood Premier Melbourne – Normanby Road Southbank

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